Love and Daisies and Troubadours

Above: One of the troubadours.

All right, Gilmore fans, it's been awhile since the season finale, but my mind is in excellent shape and I can accurately tell you most of what happened!

Lorelai is awakened by someone banging on the porch. Infuriated, she wakes Rory, who promptly falls back asleep. Then Lorelai goes out onto the porch and finds Luke doing handiwork. By the time Rory comes out to find out just what is going on, Luke is gone and Lorelai is wondering if she's delusional.

Above: Lorelai and Luke.

Later that day, Max and Lorelai talk on the phone. Sookie notices and notices how happy Lorelai is that she's with Max.

Still later, Lorelai and Rory are talking. They get into a discussion about dreams. Lorelai confesses that her dream was about someone that used to live in town, but she can't remember his name. She goes out to ask Luke.

Above: Lorelai asking Luke.

Meanwhile, inside the house, Rory finds her "Dean" box. When Lorelai comes back in, Rory is still holding it, staring at it. Lorelai goes into this long spiel about how someday, Rory would want to have the box. Rory kisses her mother on the cheek as if to say "Thanks."

Okay... then Rory and Lane are walking down the street. Lane is venting. Rory stops before the market, staring in the windows. Then she says, ever boldly...

Rory: I'm going in.
Lane: But it's a Thursday.
Rory: I know.
Lane: And he works on Thursdays.
Rory: I know!
Lane: EEEH!! You're getting back together with Dean!
Rory: Well, the new me is making a comeback!
Lane: And may it be more successful than Peter Frampton's.

Above: Rory and Lane.

So Rory goes in, basically makes a fool of herself, and somehow convinces Taylor that she's shoplifting. Dean isn't there. Rory is upset.

Lorelai confronts Luke, because he is spending way too much time at her house. He says it's because he's feeling weird about having Rachel around all the time. Lorelai tells him it's not good for a man to be lonely.

Above: Luke and Lorelai talking.

Tristan, at Chilton, tells Madeline and Louise that Rory is going to a PJ Harvey concert with him. This is a big lie, and makes Paris mad. Extremely mad.

Later, Rory goes over to Dean's house, just to see if he was there. She has a conversation with Dean's sister Clara. Somehow, Rory comes up with the story that she's a Girl Scout...

Rory: I'm a Girl Scout.
Clara: Where's your uniform?
Rory: Oh, we got rid of the whole uniform... help us blend in more with the people. It was very successful for the Hare Krishnas.
Clara: I want to be a Girl Scout. I'm a Brownie.
Rory: That's an excellent stepping stone.

Okay... cutting to the chase... Rory demands to know if Dean still has any pictures of her. Clara says she doesn't know. When Rory begs her to go upstairs and find out, Clara becomes scared. Then Dean comes down the hallway. Rory runs away.

Max, Lorelai, and Rory go to a town meeting. Dean and Clara are there. Two "troubadours" take the stage. One is demanding for "troubadour" laws to protect his territory. The other "troubadour" actually owns a Kinko's in Grotton. The first troubadour won't tell anyone what his name is or where he comes from, because he believes this to be part of the "troubadour mystique." Taylor dismisses this as the most ridiculous thing he's ever heard, and demands to know why anyone would want to be a troubadour in the first place.

Above: Rory taking the stage.

Rory stands up and says, ever boldly...

Rory: Because if you had a problem you were stuck on, then maybe you could put it in a song, and you could sing the song, and people would listen and think it was beautiful. But not all of us can write songs, so some of us will never get another chance to say what's on our minds. (Realizing everyone is staring at her) So, give this guy a license!


Okay, Luke leaves the town meeting and goes back to the diner. He finds Rachel with all of her bags packed, ready to leave town. Luke is horrified. He tries to convince Rachel to stay. Rachel says that he is in love with Lorelai and there's nothing she can do about it.

Paris vows to make Rory's life miserable, all because she believes that Tristan is taking Rory to the PJ Harvey concert. Paris tells Rory that she will get the worst assignments on the paper because she, Paris, is editor and will make Rory's life hell.

Above: Paris being her usual kind self.

Max and Lorelai go on a date. Or, rather, they try to. Luke comes by for his toolbox. Then he leaves, awkwardly. Lorelai and Max get into an argument about "the cycle." They can't keep dating each other, breaking up, getting back together. So Max says something shocking.

He wants to marry Lorelai.

Lorelai is in shock. She doesn't know what to say. When she finally comes to her senses, she demands to know exactly what is happening in Max's crazed brain. She tells Max that a proposal should be "magical, not the answer to an argument." She lists off several things a proposal needs: music, candlelight, a horse ("which seems a bit excessive unless you're riding him"), and a thousand yellow daisies. Max agrees, and he backs off.

Above: Lorelai in shock.

Okay, the next day at Chilton, Tristan steals Rory's books. What happens next... well...I think we'll do this in pictures to make it more exciting...

Above: Yeah. It's great.

Lorelai receives a call from the inn. Michel is arguing with the flower delivery boy, who says that he has to give the flowers directly to Lorelai. Lorelai signs for the flowers and goes in. A thousand yellow daisies greet her.

Above: Lorelai and just some of the many daisies.

Max calls on Lorelai's cell phone and apologizes for the harried proposal. He says that someday he wants an answer, but he doesn't want one right away. Lorelai is just so happy. Max apologizes for not being able to find a horse.

Life is almost back to normal in Stars Hollow. The two dueling troubadours "jam" together on a street corner.

Lorelai goes into the diner. She's looking for Rory. Luke is startled and spills all the coffee over Kirk, who complains, "I'm damp." Lorelai demands to know where Rory is. Luke asks what's going on, and Lorelai tells him that she wants to tell Rory first. Luke agrees.

Above: "The whole town gets one today."

It was very moving for me to watch this... mother and daughter running together on a street, hugging as the two men they love both have come back into their lives. It was wonderful that the season ended exactly as it started... with "Our Little Corner of the World." Viva Gilmore Girls!

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